1/19/18 |

SKLZ Pro Training Agility Poles Review

Telescoping training poles, great for personal training and agility training, with or without the ball.

The SKLZ Training Agility Poles are made with many functions and many training exercires in mind. Being retractable, they have the ability to be stored and transported easly and have adjustability for many exercises. The possibilities are endless, these poles can be used for speed training, cone weave, agility training, hurdles, on the ball, etc.

In the box, you get a storage bag and 8 individual poles, each featuring a reversible spike for multiple training surfaces including: AG, FG, TF, and IC. In addition to that, each pole can be retracted to three different heights of 24 inches, 45 inches and 60 inches for various training drills and workouts. The poles can also be used as hurdles with the Pro Training Agility Cones that feature groves and holes allowing the poles to be used as hurdles. The Pro Training Agility Cones can also be used to keep the pole standing upright on surfaces without the ability to use the spike.

The Pro Training Agility Poles by SKLZ are premium training equipment used by thousands of players worldwide, including professional players like Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe. However, the durability of the poles are questionable, when fully extended, the poles are fairly brittle and weak. The poles do flex on impact however in some cases that is not enough. Many people reported problems while fully extended, in my expirence, one pole broke when it got hit while shooting.

Are they worth the money? In my opinion, with 8 training poles for $80, I think it is a good deal. Although the poles have some durability problems, if used correctly, they will last and can be used with multiple training drills. If SKLZ went with a thicker and more durable material, the value would be unquestionable.

Concern: Durability when fully extended can suffer due to the thin and flimsy materials. To be used on multiple surfaces and to be used as hurdles, you will need 'Pro Training Agility Cone' sold separately.

Recommended? Yes: The SKLZ Training Agility Poles are a great pole that can be used in various training drills. The poles are adjustable to 3 different heights and can be used on multiple surfaces with the reversible spike. These poles can be used as hurdles when combined with the Pro Training Agility Cones. Out of the box, you get 8 poles for many exercises and training drills.

Image and Video Credits to SKLZ.