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After hours of testing by shooting, passing, juggling, and gameplay we concluded that the Nike Premier 2 is the best affordable kangaroo leather soccer cleat. In this review, we will go over everything you need to know about the Premier 2 including all the aspects, tech-specs, pro's & con's, and questions.

The Nike Premier 2 has made very few modifications when compared to the original Nike Premier. The differences being the fold-over tongue and the stitching pattern/visuals. You won't be able to feel any difference between the two boots while you are wearing them. The previous generation was already an excellent and classic cleat but with the slight improvements, this one is even better. The Nike Premier 2 remains the best value for price soccer cleat at the $110 price point.

The Upper:

The first thing to note is hot soft the upper is, straight out of the box. The upper is made from premium kangaroo leather and a synthetic leather heel counter. Kangaroo leather cushions the impact of the ball on your foot, allowing for a soft touch and a solid control on the ball. The upper will stretch and mold to the shape of your feet, so it is recommended to buy true to size to prevent overstretching. The cleats will fit comfortably straight out of the box, due to the cushioned heel liner. The leather itself is reasonably thin in comparison to other leather cleats, providing a close to the ball feel. The touch is consistent across the upper, with little-to-no overlapping materials.

The Nike Premier 2 features a fold-over tongue, making the boot look pretty old-school, which is what Nike was aiming for. The tongue doesn't add too much bulk however it doesn't really have a use as well. The type of people to buy these cleats are probably old-school players, who don't like flashy new cleats and prefer a traditional look.


The kangaroo leather is soft and cushioned right out of the box, but gets even softer after a few training sessions. You will be getting great protection since the k-leather is fairly thick and will cushion your foot against impact. The central lacing system and the insole provide a secure lockdown fit with no foot slippage. The soleplate is thin and has good flexibility in the forefoot, giving you a close feel for the ball under your foot. The traction is simple with a good amount of bite, getting the job done by allowing your foot to pivot on sharp turns with the conical studs. The weight is light at 8.6 ounces (244 grams), meaning the Nike Premier 2 won't weigh you down while sprinting, dribbling, etc. Although comfort is something that may not apply to everyone, we assure you these cleats will fit you comfortably after a few training sessions. The high-quality construction is top class, from the upper to the soleplate the Premier 2 is durable.


The Nike Premier is an excellent all-around cleat, with its conical studs, lightweight feel, durability, quality, and comfort. At the $110 price point, you can't really ask for anything better, the Nike Premier 2 provides lots of value for its price. The durability is top-notch, there really isn't anything that would put the build quality in doubt. Just the quality of the upper alone should bump up the price to $140, but Nike keeps it affordable.

Tech specs include:

  1. Weight: 244 grams
  2. Kangaroo leather upper
  3. Sole Plate: FG 13 Stud Conical
  4. Removeable Sole:

Fit and feel:

The fit of the boot is neutral, fitting both narrow and wide feet with comfort and lockdown. The heel liner is made from a synthetic leather material with a good amount of padding. Featuring a soft and cushioned k-leather upper, the Premier 2 delivers a soft touch on the ball and solid protection. The upper has the same thickness across the boot so you can expect a consistent touch wherever you kick. The soleplate features 13 conical studs, keeping your foot stable and secure while just standing or playing. The soleplate is thin, flexible, and lightweight, giving you great maneuverability and feel for the ball. The general feel of this boot is comfortable, stable, soft, and traditional.


  1. Highly comfortable
  2. Fits all foot shapes and sizes (narrow and wide)
  3. Very good bargain price
  4. Premium kangaroo leather upper
  5. Excellent quality
  6. No interior slippage
  7. Flexible soleplate


  1. Extra maintenance needed due to the kangaroo leather.
  2. Extra bulk with fold-over tongue

Neutral Point:

  1. The traction isn't as aggressive as most modern cleats, however, the traction you get matches the design and feel.


The Nike Premier 2 is a soccer cleat that is designed to be simple, traditional, and comfortable. With the quality kangaroo leather, you get a great touch on the ball, allowing you to control the ball with ease. The fit and feel are highly comfortable and stable with the padded heel liner and cushioned k-leather upper. The soleplate is flexible and thin, giving a close to the ball sensation, while also being particularly lightweight. The short break-in time allows for the boot to fit like a sock in no time. The Nike Premier is perfect for the player looking for an affordable k-leather soccer cleat.

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