1/26/18 |

Nike Ordem V Official Match Ball Review

This ball has earned its spot as the official match ball in many leagues. Known for being very predictable, the Nike Ordem 5 is one of the best match balls in every aspect.

The Nike Ordem V has a reason it's being used by Premier League, La Liga and Serie A as the official match ball: it's predictable flight path. With its highly consistent touch and even power distribution, the Ordem V is admired and loved by those leagues. The ball is very accurate and goes where you want it to go which is highly useful in-game.

At $159.99, it's certainly not cheap and many people cannot comprehend why anyone would buy a soccer ball at that price. However, if you've never used an official match ball, you don't understand how good the premium materials, quality, and durability are. Once you've owned and played with a match ball, you always notice the lesser quality when playing with a takedown and it just seems as if something is not right.

The graphics on the ball are known as 'Visual Power Graphic' which are a distorted motion graphic that looks as if there was a glitch on the ball. The graphics are made to increase the visibility of the ball in all conditions. Created with a specialized 3-D ink, the ink gives the surface micro-texturing for optimal grip, especially helpful in wet conditions. The texturing isn't as grippy compared to other top end match balls like the Adidas Telstar, however, it gets the job done.

The Ordem V has a fuse-welded (thermally bonded) 12-panel design that assists with the durability and allows the ball to withstand high-level gameplay. The panels feature Nike AerowTrac grooves, which are canals that allow air move past the ball evenly, helping stabilize the ball. The stability and predictability of the ball help you give accurate passes and control the ball adequately. The shape and size of the panels provide even pressure distribution and a more consistent feel on any point of the ball.

Although the ball has unmatched predictability, if hit hard enough, the ball can be lively. Many strikers love lively balls in freekicks due to the insane knuckleballs and curlers they can pull off. However, when it comes to gameplay, there is no other ball that is this predictable and accurate. This ball is also loved by goalkeepers because it saves them the hassle.

One of the most significant differences between top-end and low-end soccer balls is their bladder. The six-wing carbon bladder being made from carbon latex allows for maximum air retention and explosiveness. The wrapped bladder on the Ordem V gives a better touch, better bounce, and perfectly round shape.

Concern: The ball will not last long if used on concrete surfaces.

Recommended? Yes: With its nearly perfect pressure distribution and predictable flight path, the Nike Ordem V is definitely the best in that aspect. The consistency of this ball is fantastic from the shape of the panels to the wrapped bladder. The micro-textured surface provides exceptional grip on the ball (can be better). The premium quality and notable durability handles tough gameplay well and will last.

Image Credits to Nike.