12/23/17 |

Nike Magista Opus II Review

The Nike Magista Opus II, built to enhance your game with a touch you get from no other cleat. A crazy soft upper with superior comfort, a soleplate that mixes maneuverability and traction, and supreme lockdown with no slippage whatsoever.

When the Nike Magista Opus II first came out, it was a disappointment in the soccer community. Nike noticed their mistakes and fixed them by completely redesigned the upper. The most notable change from the first version of the Opus II was dimpling texture. Gone is the synthetic upper with ugly warts and say hello to the soft synthetic k-leather with padded dimples.

The upper on the Magista Opus II is made from 'Kangalite,' a synthetic kangaroo leather material. Kangalite mimics the touch you get from kangaroo leather, while also having the benefits of a synthetic upper (durability and maintenance). The Kangalite material doesn't feel exactly like kangaroo leather, but it does a great job doing so, providing a super soft upper with excellent flexibility. The fitting of the boot is great, suitable for both wide and narrow feet.

The Nike Magista Opus II features a one-piece design, giving a snug fit for an outstanding lockdown. With the one-piece design, you get a consistent feel on the ball across the upper with no overlapping material and/or rollover. At the tongue, there is a memory foam pad that helps with comfort and allows for a consistent touch on the laces. In general, the feel for the upper is very soft, comfortable, and natural.

Another aspect that you notice as you're slipping on the boot on is the incredible comfort straight out of the box. There really isn't anything to break-in, so expect a short break-in time of about an hour. One thing that is could be better is the grip on the upper, without Nikeskin it just doesn't feel as great, even with ACC. The upper isn't overly thick but isn't crazy thin either, with the weight being at 200 grams, there isn't much to complain about.

At the heel, Magista Opus II is heavily padded, allowing for a great comfort and lockdown. Since the internal heel-counter basically cups your foot in place, slippage was never a concern when wearing this cleat. The insole also contributes to the lockdown of the boot, featuring the NikeGrip system. The insole on the Opus II is identical to what you get on the Obra II, with a foam layer and PORON® inserts for better grip and cushioning.

The soleplate is also identical to what you get on the Obra II, being made from a TPU plastic. The soleplate consists of 10 semi-conical studs and 4 crescent-shaped studs for enhanced maneuverability. The traction on the Opus II isn't overly aggressive like what you get on the Mercurials, but it still provides an above-average bite.

Concern: None

Recommended? Yes: The Nike Magista Opus II is an excellent cleat with its soft touch and remarkable comfort. There really isn't much to break-in, fitting like a glove in a short period of time. It can fit any foot shapes, so now even the wide feet can join in on the fun. The main highlight of the boot is the comfort, with the padded upper and heel. The dimpled upper provides a unique touch you'll get from no other cleat.

Image Credits to Nike.