Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite Review

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The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III brings you an upgraded version of the poorly designed previous generation. Every part of this boot is better than what you got with from the Phantom II, featuring a full Flyknit construction, new soleplate design, and many more features. Priced at around two hundred and fifty dollars, the Phantom III is perfect for the player looking for a light, agile, and comfortable boot with a soft upper and that is a joy to strike with.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III is truly an amazing cleat, made with responsiveness in mind. From the soleplate to the laces, it screams lockdown. The upper is covered in so-called 'Hyper-reactive' pods that are filled with grade dependent foam. The soleplate mixes high traction with maneuverability, at the same time being very flexible.

Before we get into the review, I just want to say that the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III is basically the same exact boot, high-cut or low-cut. The only major difference being the Dynamic Fit collar and the price. There are merely not enough differences between the two cleats to for the need of two separate reviews.

Tech specs include:

  1. Grade Dependent Foam
  2. Weighs 187 grams
  3. Removable insole
  4. Bladed/Semi-Conical 14 Studs
  5. Tongueless design
  6. Asymmetrical lacing system
  7. Contoured sock liner
  8. Flywire lockdown
  9. Fully Flyknit construction
  10. Textured strike zone

The upper on the Hypervenom Phantom III has Flyknit everywhere. On top of the upper, Nike has added Hyper-reactive texture which is made with grade dependent foam. What the grade dependent foam does is adjust it's hardness when hit with a great amount of force, like when your shooting. But while you're doing light activities, such as dribbling and juggling, the upper is exceptionally soft. The Hyper-reactive texture itself isn't protruding too much and doesn't add an excessive amount of bulk. The Dynamic Fit collar, isn't flat at the top, being lopsided. The reason being is that your ankle is naturally slightly of center, and Nike put a little extra fabric over it to give that extra support.

The lacing system is quite different from the Phantom II; being slightly less off center and with a better use of Flywire cables. Nike did a much better job by allowing the actual Flywire cables to move inside the Flyknit, providing a better adjustability and lockdown. The Hypervenom Phantom III has a fairly short break-in time, fitting your foot perfectly after 1-2 hours. The fit of the Phantom III stayed in the same general shape, being suitable for all foot shapes. It's like a neutral zone between the Mercurials and Magistas, not being as narrow, while at the same time, not as wide.


  1. Lightweight feel
  2. Secure and responsive upper design
  3. Explosive and aggressive soleplate
  4. Upper with grade dependent foam [more info...]
  5. Very flexible soleplate
  6. Close to the ball feel
  7. Asymmetrical laces, giving a clean striking surface
  8. Soft upper
  9. Fits most foot shapes and types
  10. Exceptional grip
  11. Fully Flyknit upper


  1. Soleplate is aggressive for safe use on AG
  2. The upper is thicker than usual
  3. Soleplate may be too flexible
  4. Flywire cables can rip

Nike integrated their ACC and Nikeskin on top of everything on the upper. Having a one-piece design, the upper has a very socklike fit, also being pretty comfortable. The striking surface has a good amount of padding, while also being structured. The upper is very soft, textured, and grippy, all adding up to a lethal performance. The sizing of the boot is perfect, so go for true to size for the best possible effectiveness.

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III has a fully removable insole that features 'Nikegrip' which is supposed to decrease slippage as much as possible. However, it doesn't actually add a noticeable difference. Otherwise, the insole gets the job done, I have not had any issues with slippage thus far.

The soleplate on the Hypervenom Phantom III is pretty interesting. Having both aggressive bladed studs and hexagonal, semi-conical shaped studs (basically, function like conical studs). The aggressive studs are what you get from the Mercurials, they are found on the lateral side of the boot, while the medial side has the hexagonally shaped studs. This allows for your foot to pivot better on turns for good maneuverability, and at the same time having an explosive traction. The soleplate itself is highly flexible at the forefoot, giving a natural sensation. While at the midfoot and heel, the soleplate is slightly stiffer to allow for quicker takeoff.

My thoughts:

The upper was soft straight out-of-the-box and got even better after a few hours training. The fit and comfort are great for feet that are more on the wider spectrum, however, it still fits narrow feet as well. The pod texture on the outside is very interesting, giving a unique touch on the ball and a great feeling when shooting. This boot is made for the attacker however it works just as well for a defender with it's thicker than usual upper.


The Nike Hypervenom Phantom III has many aspects that raised it above many cleats. First is the soft, full Flyknit upper with 'Hyper-reactive' texture (same upper as the high cut model). The HyperReactive soleplate is remarkably flexible, contributing to the dynamic and natural feel of the boot. The upper has a one-piece design with a responsive lacing system, helping the cleat follow your foot with every movement. The feel of the boot is very consistent, grippy, soft, natural, padded, stable, and secure, all while being highly lightweight.

You can buy the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III with the links below, you’ll be happy you did. And if you're not sure, that's OK have a great day!

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