Adidas Top Replique Ball Review

Updated June 26, 2018 |

After hours of testing by shooting, passing, juggling, and gameplay we concluded that the Adidas Top Replique ball is the best soccer ball at the $40 price. In this review, we will go over everything you need to know about the Top Replique including all the aspects, tech-specs, pro's & con's, and questions.

The Adidas Top Replique is the first takedown model of the Adidas Telstar 18. At the $40 price point, there are usually not many options are actually worth it. But with the Top Replique, you can expect excellent value, thermally bonded panels, surface texture, and perfectly round shape, all made from quality materials.

It is hard to find a good soccer ball for a good price, however, the Adidas Top Replique is phenomenal in terms of quality for the price. From top to bottom, everything on the ball is definitely above average at its price.

Tech specs include:

  1. Thermally bonded panels
  2. FIFA quality badge
  3. Adidas Telstar 18 graphics
  4. Somewhat grippy surface texture
  5. Perfectly round shape and weight


The Adidas Telstar 18 Top Replique is made from a 54-panel design, yes 54 separate panels. The Top Replique is perfectly round in shape, just like the flagship Telstar 18. The thermally bonded panels are seamlessly glued together, allowing no water to get absorbed into the ball. At this price, you won't find any other soccer balls that are thermally bonded. With the 54 panel design, the touch on the ball is consistent no matter which part of the ball you kick.

For those of you who don't know, it's not normal for a ball to be made from 54 panels. The reason being, it's very hard to make a ball that will stay intact, stay perfectly round, and move predictably. However, Adidas did a good job with keeping the ball predictable and the thermally bonded panels made the ball more durable and more round.


The surface of the Top Replique features a grid-shaped texturing to provide a little bit of extra grip on the ball, optimal in wet conditions. The grip doesn't really change too much in terms of performance, but it does help when you need to stop the ball or when you flick it up. It also fades off slightly, but not completely, when used on concrete.

The branding on the surface features the Adidas logo, "TOP REPLIQUE MATCH BALL REPLICA", "FIFA WORLD CUP Russia 2018", and "TELSTAR 18" branding in a bronze metallic color. There is also a "FIFA® QUALITY" badge that is black in color. The FIFA quality badge means the ball is inspected and meets FIFA quality standards.


  1. High-quality materials
  2. Offical size and weight
  3. Perfectly round shape
  4. FIFA inspected
  5. Retro design
  6. Thermally bonded
  7. Durable
  8. Textured surface
  9. Amazing value


  1. Feels slightly light when shooting

Neutral Point:

  1. Although the quality is excellent at its price point, it's definitely not as great as the Adidas Telstar 18.


The thermally bonded panels allow for a better durability and prevent water from seeping into the ball. The textured surface provides a slightly better grip on the ball. This ball is perfect for the training and can be used in the game. The value for price is definitely above average, I recommend this ball if you want something in the $40 range.


What’s the difference between the Top Replique and the Top Glider?

The Top Glider is $30 in price and the value is definitely not as good as the Top Replique. The 18 panels are stitched together unlike the Top Replique which is thermally bonded. There is no surface texturing on the Top Glider and the panels are made from a foam material that is very cheap in quality. The quality, in general, isn't nearly as good as the Top Replique.

What size should I buy?

There are four different ball sizes you can buy which include size 1, size 3, size 4, and size 5. Size 5 is best for ages 13 and up, size 4 is made for ages 8 - 12, size 3 is made for ages 8 and under, and size 1 is made for small kids. Size 1 isn't made for actual gameplay, its mostly used as a "skills ball" or as a decoration for collectors.

What's it like to shoot it?

The Adidas Top Replique is an excellent ball in almost every aspect and when it comes to shooting it performs just as well. The Top Relpique does feel a bit light when shooting but if you pump it perfectly and hit it hard enough it can fly fast. At its price you shouldn't expect anything game-changing, the Top Replique is only a little better in shooting when stacked up against its competitors. You can shoot knuckleballs, curlers, and you can swazz it, this ball can do it all, just not as effortlessly as an official match ball.

Image Credits for Adidas.

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