Adidas Top Glider Ball Review

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After hours of testing by shooting, passing, juggling, training, and gameplay we concluded that the Adidas Top Glider is a solid budget soccer ball. In this review, we will go over everything you need to know about the Top Glider including all the aspects, tech-specs, and pro's & con's.

The Adidas Top glider is the most inexpensive soccer ball you can buy from Adidas. This ball is perfect for the player looking for a good training ball with reliable durability and a low price. Although this ball isn't the best in terms of quality, it gets the job done and you can still enjoy the game.


The Top Glider is made from 18 soft foam panels that are machine-stitched together, providing a nice touch and allowing for a solid shot. The bladder is made from Butyl which doesn't have the best bounce but has great air retention. The flight trajectory is predictable and the ball flies fast due to the aerodynamics of this ball.


The Top Glider starts at $30 and for that price, you shouldn't expect anything impressive. Adidas has a ball that is much better in every aspect with much better quality for only $10 more, the Adidas Top Replique. I do not recommend the Top Glider ball if you are looking for a ball that will last and perform, every day for over a season. It simply doesn't put much on the table for its price, while the Top Replique is much, much better.


  1. Fairly durable
  2. Perfect for training
  3. Low price
  4. Resembles Telstar 18
  5. Provides nice touch
  6. Great with shooting


  1. Poor quality
  2. Value for the price

Tech specs include:

  1. 100% TPU surface
  2. Officially licensed by FIFA
  3. Adidas Telstar 18 graphics
  4. Textured surface
  5. Machine-stitched panels
  6. 18 panels


The Top Glider is a ball that is made and designed to be used in the training, and small sided games. The surface of the ball has a slight texturing that provides some grip on the ball but really doesn't do much. It's not recommended to use this ball on concrete or on the streets, for the ball isn't made for that and will not last as long as intended. We talk a lot about the durability of this ball, however, the only place it falls apart is at the surface where the ball gets scratched and punctured, but not popped. We didn't experience any durability problems with the stitching, so you don't need to worry about that.

To recap, the Adidas Top Glider is purely an OKAY ball, there isn't much special about it, it will get the job done and works well as a training ball. This ball is very inexpensive, and after the World Cup, you can find this ball for dirt cheap on Amazon with the links below. If you are still having trouble finding an affordable ball, head over to our Weekly Deals page where we find deals on your favorite soccer gear.

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