Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guards Review

Updated July 30, 2018 |

When someone thinks of the 'perfect shin guard' they probably think of something that has reliable protection, excellent comfort, and a lightweight feel. That is exactly what the Adidas Ghost Pro does but in a much more flashy manner.


The outer plastic shell is made from a 95% polypropylene and 5% TPU injection-molded plastic. Those two plastics combine into a reasonably flexible plastic that can flex to the shape of your shin while also having high-grade protection and durability.

The foam on the opposite side of the shell is made from a comfortable and moderately dense foam that absorbs impact completely. To be specific, the foam is made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate).

The foam also features grooves and cutouts in the same general layout as the shell's grooves. The individual grooves are better at cushioning shock, due to the individual sections/pieces of foam.

Tech specs include:

  1. Made from three different shields
  2. Comfortable EVA backing
  3. Chrome graphic
  4. 95% polypropylene / 5% TPU injection-molded

The Fit:

The fit of the Adidas Ghost Pro shin guard is anatomical, covering your shin rather well with the shape and flexibility of the plastic. The size ratio of the shin guards is taller than most guards on the market, covering more of the shin.

The feel on your shin is pretty comfortable however the shin guards lack a secure lockdown. Luckily, they come with sleeves that do a good job keeping the shin guards in place.

I would recommend using a shin guard strap or sleeve. I personally use the Nike Guard Stay but there are a few other options on the market like the Nike Guard Lock and the Adidas Shin Guard Straps.


  1. Made for all levels (beginners and advanced)
  2. Excellent protection
  3. Lightweight
  4. Anatomical fit
  5. Comes with sleeve
  6. Decent flexibility
  7. Comfortable
  8. Nice look


  1. Unsecure without straps


The Adidas Ghost Pro is a lightweight shin guard that provides trustworthy protection with decent flexibility. The foam absorbs shock well while also providing good comfort due to the individual foam pods/sections. These shin guards fit anatomically around the shin and come with a pair of compression shin guard sleeves.

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