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19 July 2018

Adidas Copa Mundial Review

Constantin Shimonenko

One of the most iconic and oldest soccer cleats to ever hit the production line, the Adidas Copa Mundial with its simplicity and premium materials ruled the 1980s and is still one of the most popular soccer cleats today.

The Adidas Copa Mundial is a very traditional, classic, and simple soccer cleat that has made little changes since it has entered production in 1982. Made in Germany, the Copa Mundial has a 100% kangaroo leather upper with a 12-stud sole plate. This cleat is for the soccer players who like simplicity and classic designs, or for someone who is just looking for a great k-leather cleat.

Tech specs include:

  1. Soft and premium kangaroo leather
  2. Soleplate is riveted to the upper
  3. Made in Germany
  4. Synthetic interior liner
  5. 326 grams in weight (11.5 ounces)

The Upper:

One of the biggest reasons people continue to love the Copa Mundial (for almost 40 years) is the soft upper.

The Copa Mundial has a full kangaroo leather upper that may fit tight at first, but the leather will stretch and will fit your foot perfectly after the break-in period. The quality of the k-leather is outstanding, providing a durability that will last you beyond just one season.

The k-leather upper is thicker than normal, however, that's not necessarily bad. The quality is definitely much better with the thicker upper. Additionally, the touch will be more cushioned and softer, and you will get more protection.

The Copa Mundial features a synthetic leather liner with an external heel counter allowing for a stable and supportive feel. The comfort was never an issue with the Copa Mundial since the padded heel holds your foot in place without any rubbing and/or blisters.

The Fit:

The Adidas Copa Mundial will fit most people due to its somewhat wide fit being perfect for wide feet. I advise buying ½ - 1 sizes below your normal size due to the traditional fit.

The Weight:

The weight is a factor that pushes some people away from the Copa Mundial, coming in at 326 grams (11.5 oz). The difference is not terribly noticeable unless you are used to wearing lightweight cleats.


  1. Outstanding k-leather upper (honestly one of the best)
  2. Amazing quality
  3. Entire upper is made from k-leather
  4. More cushioned and soft touch
  5. Highly comfortable
  6. The upper will stretch and fit you perfectly
  7. Fits all foot types (narrow and wide)


  1. Weight is above average (326 grams)
  2. Extra bulk
  3. The fit is not true to size, go a full size down!

The Soleplate:

The Adidas Copa Mundial is a very old-school soccer cleat, which means the design and many other factors may not be up to date. The soleplate is possibly what aged the most.

The soleplate is made from a thick plastic, that may provide very good durability, but it sacrifices a good flexibility and a good feel for the ball. The flexibility of the soleplate isn't terrible, however, it's not as flexible as most modern cleats.

The stud pattern is also quite old-school, being made up of 12 conical studs that don't provide highly aggressive traction, however, they get the job done.

Common Questions:

An important question that everyone asks before they buy a boot is: "Is the [Boot] durable?" With that in mind, I can assure you that you won't find any soccer cleat that is more durable than the Copa Mundial. The Copa Mundial is the oldest soccer cleat that is still in production today, and when it was released, brands weren't focused on making the thinnest and lightest cleats. That is why the build quality is unmatched in today's market. The Copa Mundial is very well put together, however, maintenance is also very important since the upper is made from kangaroo leather. To prevent deterioration, I advise you to properly maintain the k-leather upper. I recommend using Reusch 7990 Manchester and Chelsea Leather Food as a leather cream to keep the upper soft (or make it even softer).

Why does the Copa Mundial weigh so much? This ties back to the previous question, the Copa Mundial was released at a time when super thin and lightweight cleats weren't being made. That is why the Copa Mundial features a thicker than usual soleplate, with rivets attaching the soleplate to the upper. The soleplate is probably the heaviest part of the boot, however, the Copa Mundial is mostly made from and heavier and higher quality materials. With that being said, the Copa Mundial does provide a soft touch, more durability, and more protection due to the heavier materials. It's your preference, if you don't mind to have some extra weight, and prefer a higher quality boot, the Copa Mundial is perfect for you.

My thoughts:

The Copa Mundial is a boot that is focused on simplicity, durability, and comfort. The kangaroo leather upper becomes soft after a few training session and molds to the shape of my foot perfectly. The boot as a whole is very durable which is nice because it will last longer. The soleplate provides decent traction that isn't the greatest but it gets the job done. The tongue is unnecessarily long, yet it does give an old-school look.


The Adidas Copa Mundial has a full kangaroo leather upper made with premium quality. The German made cleat has a surprisingly soft upper that will mold to the shape of your foot. The traditional soleplate is thicker than normal, delivering a better durability but giving up good flexibility and feel for the ball. Nonetheless, the few drawbacks do not outweigh the many more benefits, the Copa Mundial is truly a matchless cleat with a notable history.

I hope this review helped you, you can buy the Copa Mundial under its normal $150 retail price with the links below.

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