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July 18, 2018

Adidas Copa 18.1 Review

Constantin Shimonenko

The Adidas Copa 18.1 brings you a modern version of the admired Copa Mundial, with a kangaroo leather upper, Primeknit heel, and 11 conical studs. Priced at around two hundred dollars, the Copa 18.1 is perfect for the player looking for a well-performing boot with a soft upper and modern aesthetics.

There are two questions everyone's asking and they are, Is the Copa 18.1 really as good as people and say it is? and Is it better than the Nike Tiempo Legend 7? Both of those questions (and more) will be answered in this review.

The Adidas Copa 18.1 has made a few interesting changes when comparing it to the previous generation. Let's start from the top:

The Upper:

The kangaroo leather upper is the main reason why anyone would buy a Copa. The kangaroo leather spans from the toebox to the midfoot on the Copa 18.1. This means everything solid white on the upper (aside from the laces) is kangaroo leather.

A notable change to the upper is the implementation of an internal support frame which Adidas calls 'X-Ray vamp cage'. The X-Ray vamp cage replaces the stitching and adds structure to the upper, preventing the overstretching of kangaroo leather. The Copa 18.1 also has a much thinner upper, which means you won't have an overly padded sensation on the ball. The upper is soft and pliable, however, it isn't as high quality as what you would get from the Copa Mundial. But don't get me wrong, the quality on the Copa 18.1 is good, it's just not as great as the German-made Copa Mundial.

One major feature that has remained unchanged is the Sprintframe soleplate, which really does provide great stability. In fact, aside from the insole, the soleplate is the only thing that stayed the same.

Tech specs include:

  1. Sole Plate: FG/AG 11 Conical Stud Sprintframe
  2. Weight: 209 grams (7.4 ounces)
  3. Premium kangaroo leather
  4. Primeknit compression fit tongue
  5. Double lace hole system (decreased lace slippage)
  6. Soft and thin upper

Since it's made from kangaroo leather, the upper has a nearly nonexistent break-in time and it basically molds to the shape of your foot. The laces have a double lace-hole system, giving more of a secure lockdown because there is less slippage at the laces. I strongly advise buying at your size, for the fit is true to size.

Primeknit and Weight:

The Copa 18.1 has a compression fit heel and tongue, both made from Primeknit (Adidas Flyknit). The Primeknit allows for a close, consistent touch with no overlapping materials. Given the minimal padding, the Copa 18.1 weighs in at 209 grams, which is lightweight considering its a leather cleat.


  1. Highly comfortable
  2. Lightweight
  3. Structured and supportive feel
  4. Flexible soleplate


  1. Elongated tongue
  2. Lockdown could've been better

The soleplate, stud pattern, and the insole on the Adidas Copa 18.1 is identical to the previous generation of the Copa, featuring a 'Sprintframe' soleplate with 11 conical studs.

The soleplate on the Copa is appropriate for both Firm Ground and Artificial Grass while also providing great stability with a lightweight sensation. I would compare the stud pattern to the Copa 17.2 and the Gloro 16.1.

Common Questions:

An important question everyone asks before they buy a boot is, "Is the [Boot] durable?" As for the Copa 18.1, I don’t foresee it having any durability issues. The Copa 18.1 is very well put together, although kangaroo leather is notorious for falling apart when in wet conditions. To prevent deterioration, I advise you to properly maintain the k-leather upper. I recommend using Reusch 7990 Manchester and Chelsea Leather Food as a leather cream to keep the upper soft (or make it even softer).

Is the Copa 18.1 really as good as people and say it is? Yes and No. Visually the Copa 18.1 looked even better when unboxed. However, with my experience, the elongated tongue kinda gets in the way and the lockdown wasn't as good as I expected. As a whole, the Copa 18.1 was what I expected, a comfortable leather cleat that provides a soft touch and a stable feel.

Is it better than the Nike Tiempo Legend 7? Short answer, No. The Tiempo Legend 7, in my opinion, is the best boot on the market, let alone the best leather cleat. The Tiempo Legend 7 doesn't have the elongated tongue and instead, you get comfortable Flyknit. The Legend 7 also has a much better lockdown with the Flywire cables, and the responsiveness is also slightly better.

My thoughts:

The break-in process didn't take long, after five hours on the pitch I felt comfortable enough to wear them during a game. The fit is true to size and it felt comfortable straight out of the box. Visually, I think the boot looks great, with the white on black silhouette and I'm excited about the future colorways!


The Adidas Copa 18.1 is a series of small improvements that add up to a better performance. On the ball, the Copa 18.1 has a soft, thin, and surprising comfortable upper. The X-Ray vamp cage decreases overstretching while also adding support for a better lockdown at the toe-box. You can buy the Copa 18.1 with the links below, and if you're not sure, that's OK have a great day!