Story Behind Neymar's Silencio Colorway

March 5th, 2019

Samuel Shim


Throughout Neymar's career, he has been flooded with distractions, negativity, and criticisms by all types of people. His style of play is unique and flamboyant, drawing lots of attention with his rainbow flicks, elasticos, fakes, and many other skills. In the midst of his hype, Neymar stays silent on the pitch, calm, undisturbed, and focused.

Neymar's "Silêncio" Mercurial is his 4th signature cleat, following "Meu Jugo" in 2018, "Puro Fenomeno" in 2017, and "Written In The Stars" in 2017.

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The story behind the new NJR Silêncio Pack comes from Neymar's tattoo on his left hand, which reads "Shhh...". Neymar gets a lot of criticism for how he plays and for his almost arrogant appearance on the pitch, which makes the tattoo useful. "I use it when I have a problem. It's to shut people up!" says Neymar.

The amount of problems he has on the field is evident by the huge number of Youtube videos titled, "Neymar Craziest Fights, Brawls and Angry Moments". The single biggest reason for the high amount of problems he has on the pitch (and for his constant injuries) is... his playing style. His playing style may embarrass the players he plays against, causing them to retaliate with a push or a shove escalating the situation quickly.

As for the boots, the Nike NJR Silêncio Pack is not limited edition so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a pair for yourself. However, they are a signature release so expect to pay a little more. The "Elite" model will cost $25 more than it's usual $250 price, the "Pro" model will cost $10 more than it's usual $120 price, and the "Academy" model will cost $5 more than it's usual $80 price. You can purchase a pair of any of the cleats just mentioned with the links below.

The design of the NJR Silêncio cleats is just as lively as Neymar's play, featuring a pattern of the word "SHHH" printed all over the lower third of the boot, then fading away higher up the boot. The word "SHHH" fades into the white and grey patterned upper. The upper fades from a lighter grey to a darker grey as it goes higher up the boot.

Notable Design Features:

At the heel, you will find the word "NEYMAR" printed vertically. Writing the boot's model is standard practice on all boots, but the interesting part is what's above the word. Above the word, on the left boot, there is a diamond logo while on the right there is a crown. The crown and diamond is Neymar's personal mantra, and it's one of his tattoos (of course) The swoosh is on the side, which is something you WON'T find on other Mercurial models. The swoosh itself is in bright red and bordered with black, which really pops and looks quite interesting with the grey-toned upper.

Neymar truly has a vibrant style of play, which may piss-off a lot of players, that's when the word "SHHH" on his boots speaks for him and helps the players come to their senses. The tattoo also helps, it comes useful when you "shush" someone and they still don't understand what you mean. ;)

The Nike NJR Silêncio Pack also features a Nike "Strike" Ball, a Nike "Skills" Ball, a hoodie, pants, shorts, a jersey, a backpack, and shin guards.