New Adidas Nemeziz 19+ Launched

  May 4rd, 2019


Adidas officially released the new Nemeziz, weeks after leaked images of the boot surfaced the internet. The Adidas Nemeziz 18+ was not much of a change compared to the Nemeziz 17+ but the newest generation is much more different than the last two models.

The new Adidas Nemeziz 19+ features a new weave design, giving a different fit around the boot without limiting movement. The boot also features a new split-sole design which Adidas calls "Torsion System". The split soleplate does nothing to change how you play, it's just an aesthetic feature that actually looks pretty good. The stud configuration is also different, Adidas calls it an "Agility stud configuration". The studs are not as sharp as the previous model, allowing you to turn and pivot with more ease. Some may argue that Adidas is coping Nike with the split soleplate design but others may say it's just a changing boot market.

Photo by Prodirectsoccer

The 19+ upper again has a laceless construction, continuing what the 17+ and 18+ have done. The new weave layout is sown in a V-shaped design, with a new tape known as Tension Tape. Tension Tape is supposed to mold to the shape of your foot, making you more responsive and agile. Also, the tape goes much higher up the foot in the latest model, but it shouldn't restrict any ankle movement. The Tension Tape is very flexible but also provides a solid lockdown, just like the 17+ and 18+ models.

Photo by Prodirectsoccer

The boot is marketed as a highly agile and explosive boot, so that's what you should expect (but don't believe everything the big brands are saying).


  1. Tension Tape weaved upper in V-shaped design
  2. Torsion System soleplate
  3. Laceless
  4. A stiff yet flexible soleplate
  5. Both compressed and relaxed fit
  6. Stripes only on one side of the boot
  7. Available Saturday, June 1st at 12:00 am PDT

Photo by Soccerbible

A very good thing you can say about this boot is that it looks really cool. The Nemeziz 19+ first colorway is known as the ‘302 Redirect’ pack, with a bright red (almost orange) upper and a chrome soleplate. The 302 Redirect pack has been spotted on other players such as Dele Ali, so expect the full pack to launched in the next few days.

Photo by Adidas

Possible problems:

The upper does not provide an as good lockdown as the Nemeziz 18+. Adidas also implemented an internal band, which may feel a bit uncomfortable and tight. Speaking of tight, the Nemeziz 19+ is tight, especially when compared to the previous models. But, the boot is actually not very tight at the midfoot, which is where people experienced problems with the previous model. The tight and low toebox may actually be a good thing if you like to juggle, dribble, or take shots. The low toebox gives you a much better feel for the ball and where on the foot it is.

Photo by Soccerbible

The upper features a coat of silicon in the midfoot and toebox, giving solid grip. The tape on the upper is also very thin, allowing you to feel the ball very well, which is a very good thing. The downside to a thin upper is that you will also feel more pain when someone steps on your foot.

Want the Nemeziz 19? It's avaibale for purchase with the links below.

  1. Europe Link: is the only online retailer that allows you to purchase the boot before June 1st.
  2. North America Link: Available Saturday, June 1st at 12:00 am PDT

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