Adidas Drops Tango "Off-White" and "Initiator" Colorways

November 20, 2018

Samuel Shim


Breaking into the scene comes the Tango variations of the Adidas "Initiator Pack" and "Off-White", both colorways exclusive for the Nemeziz and the new Predator 19 models. The surprising silhouette of the white Predator has the boot finally sneaking its way into the streetwear market with its clean look.

The Copa and the X appear to have been ignored with Adidas launching two colorways without featuring the X or the newly released Copa 19. It may be that in the coming days or even weeks we'll see Adidas revealing the X and Copa variation of both looks however that is not guaranteed.

Although the Nemeziz Tango features a nearly identical upper to the cleat variant, it seems as if the Nemeziz Tango is not intended to be used in training but instead for casual wear. These shoes are labeled as 'lifestyle' shoes since they shouldn't be used for high-intensity gameplay. Both of the Nemeziz's have an impressive look, with the colors complementing each other well, you can't go wrong. The black and red colorway of the Nemeziz Tango is not labeled as the "Initiator" pack despite the fact that the colors look to match the "Initiator" pack's color palette.

Both of the Nemeziz colorways feature a gum sole that offers a good amount of grip. The red/black version has an interesting pattern on the elastic bands. It looks to have strands of blue, purple, dark maroon, and red all mixed together, yet still, they turned out looking surprisingly nice. The two Predators have a different pattern on the sole, giving different levels of traction. Both Predators have a "Y" shaped torsion frame that is visibly ingrained in the sole, offering exceptional stability.

The "Initiator" Pack colorway of the Predator Tango 19+ has a stunning look, with nothing to complain about in all aspects of the boot. The Primeknit features an interesting fade in the knit itself, fading from an "Active Red" in the heel to a "Solar Red" in the toebox. The soleplate provides decent grip and has a somewhat transparent look that complements the colors of the upper. The heel counter is topped off by a black piece of rubber with a ridged design. Overall a good looking and well-preforming boot.

The "Off-White" color of the Predator 19 has an all-white upper that is backed with a black heel counter. Above the heel counter, you will find a black piece of rubber with a ridged design that is similar to what you get on the 19+. The outsole has a slightly different design/pattern compared to the "Initiator" pack variation of the Predator. The midfoot is secured with a lacing system, unlike the laceless 19+. Outside of those three difference (the color, the laces, and the outsole), the two Predators are exactly the same.

Currently only the "Initiator" Predator 19+ is available for purchase. Keep checking in since we will be on the lookout for where the rest of the products on this page are available. Don't worry, once we find them, this page will get updated!

Image Credits to SoccerBible.