Soccer Ball Reviews.

Adidas Telstar Ball Mini Review

Made as a decoration or to improve your skills and juggling, the Telstar 18 Mini can be used around the house or in the training.

Adidas 'Telstar 18' Official Match Ball Review

Ever since 1970 when Adidas made its first World Cup ball, the technology and quality have been getting better and better. Now every four years there is not only hype about the game ...

Adidas Top Replique Ball Review

A takedown model with excellent value, thermally bonded panels, surface texture, perfectly round shape, and high-quality materials.

Adidas Top Glider Ball Review

The Adidas Top Glider soccer ball is made for the player looking for a good training ball with reliable durability. The cheapest ball and the most popular ...

Nike Ordem V Official Match Ball Review

This ball has earned its spot as the official match ball in many leagues. Known for being very predictable, the Nike Ordem 5 is one of the best match balls in every aspect.

Nike Strike Ball Review

The Nike Strike has the same 12-panel configuration as the Ordem V, however, the panels are stitched together. Being made from 12 panels, this ball features the same amount of consistency ...