ConSoccer.com is run 100% by Constantin Shimonenko. I'm the writer, programmer, social media guy, graphic designer, and everything else for this site. I made this website as a project over the summer of 2017.

To make this site I learned three programming languages in one month using just books. I grew the @consoccer_ Instagram from zero to 15,000 followers by myself. I wrote every-single article, review, and word on this site. Why? I don't fully know yet but I now am realizing that I want a soccer community around cleats and soccer gear. I am only 16 years old, and I am on my way to graduate high school a year early. Soccer has always been one of my passions, and especially the cleats and gear side of the sport. I am learning and growing every day, I'm on the journey of being the best version of myself, and this website is a way for me to improve myself by learning more and more to be able to run this site (and much, much more).

ConSoccer.com provides honest and in-depth soccer reviews and comparisons. I find discounts on soccer cleats, equipment, and apparel to help you save money on the deals page. There is also a "finds" page which has the weirdest, coolest, and strangest soccer products that are irresistible to buy, or you can just admire and wonder why it even exists. The blog page on this site tackles what's getting released, tips, tricks, lists, and more.

Why did I name this website "Con"Soccer?

One of my nicknames is actually Con, which is short for Constantin, but I don't want to say I named this site after myself... so... good thing the word Con is a latin root.



with; together; thoroughly

The Links

Readers like you support ConSoccer.com through the links on this site. When you click the links on this site and buy something, I may earn a small commission. ConSoccer.com is an affiliate site which means that the products you buy through the links on this site may earn me a commission. You are not at all affected by this, you do not get charged or stolen from. These commissions financially support this website and support charity. Readers allow me to continue doing what I do. Ten percent of the profits of this website are donated to charity (read more below).

I would like to say that, although I can, under no circumstances will link a more expensive alternative product, only to earn a higher commission. It's the opposite, I always try to find the website or retailer that sells at a lower price for your benefit. I never and never will take money or accept payments from brands only to glorify their product(s). I will only write the plain truth about every product, no matter how much I am getting offered.

All of the links on this website are in every respect real and are only linked to websites that sell the authentic product.


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Document last updated on July 23rd.

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