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ConSoccer.com provides honest and in-depth soccer reviews and comparisons. We also find discounts on soccer cleats, equipment, and apparel to help you save money. Additionally, we find the most outrageous, stupid, and innovative soccer stuff on the internet that you'll be surprised even exists.

Our goal is NOT to be yet another boring and useless soccer website that is suffocating you with products to buy. We want to give value and have the experience of using our website entertaining. We all know how hard it is to make that final decision on how to spend your hard-earned money. That was the inspiration behind this website, ConSoccer.com is committed to assisting and pointing you in the right direction. We have a deep passion for soccer and we value honesty and integrity.


Reviews are a very important step that virtually everyone takes before they buy. Learning about the product before buying often dictates your buying choices. However, finding genuine and thorough reviews can be a challenge. We aim to provide you with authentic and detailed reviews so you can educate yourself before you buy. Go to reviews...


There are all kinds of discounts and savings on the internet, however finding ones that actually make a difference can be a hassle. Every day we browse through a great deal of trusted websites to locate discounts on great products that we know and love. Go to deals...


Find the most outrageous, stupid, and innovative soccer stuff on the internet! We promise that we won't spam you with boring products but with ones that will make you say, "Wow". Go to finds...

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All of our links are in every respect real and are only linked to websites that sell the genuine, authentic product.

Readers support us through our links which provide a means for us to earn a commision. We would like to say that, although we are able to, under no circumstances we will link a product that is more expensive, only to earn a higher commision. It's actually the opposite, we always try to find the website or retailer that sells at a lower price for your own benefit.

We also never take money or accept payment from brands only to glorify their product. We will write the plain truth about every product we write about, no matter how much we are getting offered.

We believe our credibility and the trust of our readers is very important, more important than the size of the commission. Being biased or lazy is simply not an option, otherwise, readers wouldn't support us or our work. We spend hours testing and researching each product, only to spend more hours writing the reviews to inform you of everything you need to know about the product. We wouldn't spend those hours to ruin the relationship between us and our readers, we only try to make it better.


Although we don't accept payments for our reviews, we do like it when brands send us their stuff. Like stated above, we will stay honest and we will judge the products as if we bought them ourselves.


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